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Sikiabluerooms is located in Sikias beach (20m from sea) in the southern part of Sithonia Chalkidiki (second peninsula) and distance 150 kilometers from Thessaloniki

The endless beach, the clean and blue waters of Aegean and the four beautiful bays in the right side of the beach are waiting for moments of relaxation.

The village itself is built in a 2 kilometres distance from sea, at the foot of the mountains. Among many sightseeing that someone can admire in Sithonia are the ancient town, the Castle and the Temple of Saint Athanasios in Toroni, the windmills in Sikia and the Temple of 16th century in Nikiti.

In the village you can also find drugstore, surgery, cash machine (ATM) and post office.

Also, in short distance from Sikia, a diving school works for the underwater world lovers.

You are given the chance to meet the third peninsula of Chalkidiki, as boats make daily trips around mountain ATHOS.